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Indik8a Tech Spec

The smarter way to be seen.

MK1-E Bike
  • leds


    Super-bright LEDs (275 Lumens) for visibility both day and night.

  • notification


    Vibrates while indicating, so you know it’s on without looking.

  • charging cable

    Charging Cable

    USB charger and double  non-breakable wire to switch.

  • battery

    Long-Lasting Battery

    330 indications per side (2 weeks between charges, if indicating a combined left and right 47 times per day).


Little things you'll love about Indik8a.

  • press and go

    Press and go

    Press to start. Press to stop. And while it’s blinking, Indik8a vibrates – so you won’t forget to stop signalling.

  • quick fit

    Quick fit

    Slip Indik8a over your gloves and adjust for a perfect fit. Then you’re good to go, time after time. To wash the strap, just unclip and remove the chevron light.

  • easy charge

    Easy to charge

    No need to buy replacement batteries. Indik8a comes with a USB cable for easy charging. Plug in and power up whenever you need to.