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Instructions for using Indik8a

For best results before your first use charge your indik8a’s until the red charging light on top of the chevron turns green.

While your chevron’s are charging you can set up your saddles first choose the correct saddle for each hand they are marked L (left) or R (right) the small strap needs to be setup on your index finger with the power button facing your thumb, it needs to be slightly loose (easiest way to do this is without putting it over your wrist).

Then you can take the finger strap off and put the wrist strap on leaving it loose and putting your finger in the finger strap then tighten the wrist strap and adjust the position of the saddle to be in the middle of your back of your hand.

Now all you need to do is loosen the wrist strap to take your indik8a saddle off and the finger strap will always stay adjusted to your finger.

Once the chevrons are charged you can clip them onto the saddle the chevron is marked on the back of it with L and R make sure you put L on L and R on R (note the first time you clip onto the saddle they may take a little extra effort to push them on) then push the button with your thumb and start cycling safer.