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This clever hand light takes indicating to a new level. Lightweight and easy to use, Indik8a lets you signal with certainty, with one press of your thumb.

Saving Cyclists Lives

Inik8a! The smarter way to be seen.
Designed by cyclists for cyclists.

MK1-E Bike
  • leds

    Ultra Bright LEDs

    Super-bright LEDs (275 Lumens) for visibility both day and night.

  • notification

    Real Time Notification

    Vibrates while indicating, so you know it’s on without looking.

  • charging cable

    Two Way Charging Cable

    Charge anywhere. on the go double USB charger charges both Indik8as at the same time.

  • battery

    Super Long-Lasting Battery

    330 indications per side (2 weeks between charges, if indicating a combined left and right 47 times per day).

Easy To Use Features

Little things you'll love about Indik8a.

  • press and go

    Press and go

    Press to start. Press to stop. And while it’s blinking, Indik8a vibrates – so you won’t forget to stop signalling.

  • quick fit

    Quick fit ergonomic design

    Slip Indik8a over your hand or gloves and adjust for a perfect fit. Then you’re good to go, time after time. To wash the strap, just unclip and remove the chevron light.

  • easy charge

    Easy to charge

    No need to buy replacement batteries. Indik8a comes with a double USB cable for easy charging. Plug in and power up whenever you need to.